Statement of Work Development

SOW and Spec Development

Specification or Statement of Work Development

Often, writing a specification can be quite challenging and cumbersome, even intimidating. We are always available to help. Just like every profession has unique elements of language, we understand the relevant parameters that are necessary to capture the performance and programmatic aspects of the thermal hardware we design and build.

Need to have your hardware space qualified?…no problem, our engineers fully understand the qualification process and have unmatched experience.

Sometimes a specification can be comprised of just a few simple notes on a drawing. Other times, many detailed parameters should be captured in a separate document. We can assist you with your specification, no matter what stage the document is in. Some of the things we work to avoid are:

Incomplete or confusing technical requirements related to:
  • Realistic tolerance applied to dimensional or operational parameters
  • Provability
  • Technical flow-down
  • End-of-life
  • Environmental and Regulatory flow-down
  • RoHS
  • Safety
Incomplete QA requirements related to:


  • Supplier qualification
  • Material/performance verification
  • Vendor qualification & approval
  • In-process inspection
  • Special processes
  • Performance qualification
  • Incoming inspection
  • First Article Inspection

A Statement of Work (SOW)

A Statement of Work (SOW) is best represented as a place to capture all the non-technical requirements in a program. A SOW should be considered if:
  1. Your project involves shared responsibility between TSL, your organization, and/or a third party organization over the course of the effort. This may include things like meetings, reviews, testing, etc.
  2. Your project is to be divided into phases where there is a series relationship between phases or there are deliverables and a schedule associated with each phase.
  3. There are possible decision points in the program to continue the effort or not depending upon the outcome from a specific task.
  4. There are more than just a few straightforward quality provisions that must be followed over the course of the project

As with the specification, our experienced engineering and product team can assist you with SOW development, to assure your project with TSL is consistent and compliant with your overall program structure.